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Midterm Review

Hello together,

I hope you all started full of energy into the new year. So did we: as you may have seen, we had our official AAL Midterm Review in Dezember 2018 in Zutphen, Netherland. We were very excited, but we also knew we did a good job so far. The presentation went good – there are no problems we cannot solve within the next few months. After the Christmas holidays, we also got the official Midterm project review report from our AAL reviewers and guess what?

Me and my family scored a “Good Progress” which is awesome! 😀

Now we have a lot of useful inputs, comments, recommendations and we can continue to work. One of our next big step will be the “protected environment tests” with people with dementia and their caregivers, where they can test me and give my family very valuable feedback. So far we are confident that we can recruit the proposed sample of 60 endusers (20 in Italy, 20 in the Netherland and 20 in Luxembourg).

Stay tuned – 2019 will be awesome!