Anne's Blog

My current status and latest updates

Dear Interested, WOW, In the last few months, I have developed extremely well and I am really excited to tell you about my current state and my latest updates!

At the moment I still exist as a prototype, but now I speak not only Dutch and English but also German. In addition, I have learned some new features: for example, you can now make a puzzle with me, play memory or solitaire and make video calls with your loved ones. Like this, I do not only boost your brain power and keep you going, I also make your everyday life much more interesting and fun! But the best way to convince yourself is to have a look at my latest video:



Not bad, right? But wait until you see what my family is teaching me next: right now I am learning to react adaptively to you, so that I will be able to better adapt to your needs in the future. Also I will going on a big trip to Bilbao for the AAL Forum AGEING WELL IN THE DIGITAL AGE: A growing community of change makers is coming soon – I am especially happy to meet there with all  of my family members, namely the whole consortium.

Stay updated and see you soon

– Anne.