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A wonderful review

Hello everyone,

Today Renske, who is studying at one of our consortium partners, de Parabool, wrote a wonderful review of our project.

Hi everyone,

I am Renske and I am a Social Work student in the Netherlands. I am currently in my 3rd year of my study and an intern at the Parabool.

Today I got introduced to Anne and it looks like a great product. At the Parabool some of our clients work with Anne, so I was curious to see the virtual assistant in action.

My first impression is that Anne is easy to use and handy for people who cannot understand computers very well. It is nice that Anne is not only for practical use as your agenda but also for pictures and games.

I think that these components will make that people are going to use the system more often. I also saw an older version of Anne and I saw many improvements in the newer version.

Anne is constantly improving and that makes her better every time. I think that this can become a wonderful and useful product when it is done. I hope to see the finished product some time!

Kind regards,

Renske Temmink

Thank you very much Renske!